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Narrow your focus, broaden your chances

Posted by admin | Life goals/Planning,Uncategorized | Sunday 28 June 2009 3:50 pm

“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”
-Perry Paxton

As a result of the current quick-fix culture in society today, most of human civilisation has degenerated  into a situation where people are frequently and easily  distracted from focussing on important tasks
leading to a wide spread inability to be the best at what we do.

Way back in High school,we had to do certain Physiscs experiments one of which involved trying to focus rays of light on surfaces using lenses. While trying to focus the rays of the sun on a piece of paper,we made a startling discovery-if we allow the rays go through the lens and hit the sheet of paper without converging, not much came of it. But if we make the rays converge at a distict point on the sheet, then it got so hot that it caught fire. In the same way you might never get fired off in life if you refuse to focus. Focus is everything in the world of success and achievement.

The few people that are consistently breaking records in what they do [I have come to realise] are people who more often than not focus on a single mission, task, goal career or target.

Essentially, most of mankind is unable to operate in excellence because of a lack of focus. Evidently, trying to know and do everything does not speak of focus. You must come to a point in your life that you realise that you CANNOT be a master at all the things you have a passion for or what you would want to do. So kick yourself immediately and make a decision on what to focus on.Go to work on it. Find out every information
about it and hit the road and in a few short weeks, months or years, you would have achieved a level of mastery, success and recognition that would bring you the fun, satisfaction and fulfilment you have always craved.

Some important questions you might need to consider:
1. Do you know that a lack of focus might just be what has been short-changing you?
2. And do you know that your inability to focus might just be responsible for all the current outcomes that are not commensurate with your potentials?
3. While you are doing well at the moment, do you know that you could remarkably improve your output and/or performance if you could further narrow your focus?
4. Do you know that the best way to avoid distractions on your way to career, academic & professional success might just be deciding to feed a current focus with most of your resources?